Great Holtz Story


Here's a superb article about our old ball coach, Lou Holtz. He's wacky, but deep inside we all know he's a superb old dude. Great story about Holtz, USC-ND, friendship and overcoming challenges.

The Weekend in South Bend

Let's go ND. Make Lou proud.

Why ND Will Win: Sam Young Pics Say It All


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This is the reason why ND will win. Sam Young before and after pictures. As you guys can see, Sam Young is sporting a stash similar to that of John Holmes and Dave Wannstedt. Uber cool... Uber Cool Sam. The future millionaire looking cool. His hair is probably the best I've seen amongst the Irish since Samardzija let.

Let's go Irish O-Line!!! PROTECT CLAUSEN!!!

The Last Judgment


The Last Judgment by Michelangelo is a fitting theme for the game this Saturday. Love Charlie with his demeanor and charity work and all, but if a blow out (I mean it's a blowout when I go back to sleep when it's only the first quarter) occurs this Saturday, C. Weis should be axed. But if the Irish put up a decent fight meaning that we all tuned in from the start until the end then C. Weis should still be the coach of the Irish.

Old Notre Dame Twitter Page


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Sam Young


This guy has been blamed and ridiculed a lot with his plays this season. But WOW! Sam Young stepped up as a RT and a leader. I have not seen an extended video of him pumping up his teammates before the over time. Way to go Sam!

Have you seen them?


Have you seen them? We have benefited and suffered from their disappearance.



Golden is Golden. Didn't any one else noticed Golden's celebration when he just stood there and put his hands on his waist and look up. It was like looking at superman